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The Book of ii-V-I - Exercises in the World of Jazz on Amazon
The Book of ii-V-I - Exercises in the World of Jazz on Amazon

The Book of ii-V-I's - Exercises in the World of Jazz

Dive into 100 melodic jazz lines designed for ii-V-I progressions, eliminating the struggle of improvisation. Say goodbye to endless transcription hours and embrace a comprehensive guide to jazz theory. Delve deep into theoretical explanations, unraveling the secrets behind scales and harmonies in the jazz lexicon. Expand your jazz vocabulary with 100 examples, each accompanied by detailed insights. Understand the essence of each line while mastering their execution. Plus, enjoy free audio downloads for seamless practice. Elevate your jazz improvisation game effortlessly with this definitive resource.

This book is available for guitarists with Tab notation and for instruments with the treble clef system! Click on the link below that is right for your instrument to order on Amazon:

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Musician's Journal

Introducing the Notebook for musicians and singer-songwriters - your daily creativity companion! Featuring music staff pages and lined sheets for note-taking, with quotes from musical greats for inspiration. Perfect for honing your craft or capturing ideas. Ideal as a gift. Elevate your songwriting today – get your Notebook now! Click the link below:

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