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Meet Andy Newman, the electric guitar virtuoso from Backnang, Germany, born in 1986. With a repertoire spanning pop, rock, funk, and blues, Newman's musical prowess shines through his dynamic rhythm and mesmerizing solos.

Introduced to music at a young age, Newman's journey began in music preschool, later delving into classical piano for over nine years, immersing himself in the works of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. His musical horizon expanded to modern genres before discovering his true passion: the electric guitar.

The electric guitar became Newman's instrument of choice, igniting his creativity in songwriting and live performances across genres like Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues, and Jazz. Soon, he became a sought-after session musician in his hometown, showcasing his talent on stage and in the studio.


After completing his Bachelor's Degree at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Newman embarked on a successful career as a session musician and educator. Now based in Stuttgart, Germany, he continues to dazzle audiences as a session player, producer, author, arranger, composer, and teacher, cementing his place in the professional music scene.

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