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With his versatility on the electric guitar the German native from Backnang, Andy Newman (born 1986) has covered a great spectrum of music styles and genres like pop, rock, funk and blues and is best known for his sure-handed and proficient music expressions as a solid rhythm and solo guitarist.

Newman was introduced with the world of music in his early stages when attending music preschool lessons. Followed by picking up the piano for more than 9 years, he was already introduced to classical music from the greats such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach or Ludwig von Beethoven. Andy's awareness of styles soon broadened to pop and other modern styles on the piano before finding his passion for the electric guitar.

The electric guitar turned out to be Newman's number one choice of instrument. Today he has already undergone more than ten years of solid guitar musicianship. Joining the school rock band right at the start of his career as a guitarist, Andy participated in musicals organized by the school and other school events.

Andy Newman Guitar

It did not take him long to find his creative ability to songwriting and thus Newman founded a band named “Out of Sight” which was known for its hard rock pushing tracks touched up with funky elements. In addition Andy joined a cover band called “Sunny Taeter” which included a whole brass section next to the standard compilation of singers, keyboard, bass, drums and guitar. With Sunny Taeter he could broaden his style awareness even more into Soul, Funk, Blues and Jazz and after becoming a well known cover band in the region of origin Andy was soon a highly wanted session musician playing for various singers and fellow musicians of the area. With the help of session playing and being in the host band for local jam sessions Andy gained the great ability of locking into a completely new band directly and simultaneously.


After graduating from the Bachelors Degree Program at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Andy was successfully working as a session musician at several gigs and recording studios. He was also welcomed as a staff member of the Musicians Institute before making his way back to his home turf in Stuttgart, Germany. 

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